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Meet your modern day matchmakers Lynn & Adale at New Beginnings Matchmaking

Who is behind that computer? Do you really know? Invest in yourself , NOT online.

New Beginnings Matchmaking- personal matchmaking tailored for you.


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New Beginning Matchmaking offers 2 package options.

Member Option

With our #1 member option, we work for YOU!

We will search for and personally match you. Through your extensive discovery session, personality assessment and love quiz, we will uncover more about you to further gain insight in determining your values, interests, personal likes, and dislikes. Once we have uncovered you, we will begin to work on the person you are searching for.

We also work with you and help you beat those first date nerves, help you choose what to wear and we even plan the first date location.  Occasionally we will host singles events that members/ & at times non-members will be invited to.  These events give you the opportunity to meet singles & help to expand circle.

We are here and are looking forward to helping find you a compatible partner, one who creates ‘the spark’.  We ask for openness and will encourage your input and communication through a reporting process, so you can give us feedback on your dates.  After our getting started we will consistently be working for you on the search for your match & will keep in touch through phone and email.

Candidate Option

With this package we also conduct an extensive discovery season, personality assessment and love quiz, all of which allow us to get to know you to determine more about you and your values, interests, personal likes, and dislikes, as well as the match you would be interested in.

You are then placed in our Database where we first search for Matches for our Members. You will also be invited to any single’s event that we host. The difference with this package is we are not actively recruiting for you.


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